Piano Moving Services

Piano Moving

Professional piano moving services within New York Metropolitan Area. All costs are agreed and confirmed in writing prior to accepting your valuable order.

Piano Tuning

It is recommended to tune your piano at least two times a year. Our regular piano tuning costs start at $150 plus tax in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

Piano Storage

Dust-free, climate-controlled piano storage starting from $75 a month. Your piano will be safe with us.

Piano Repairs

Piano repair services in NYC and surroundings. We repair pianos of any types and replace missing parts.

Used Pianos For Sale

We have a large selection of high-quality used pianos for sale. Pianoland is the best place to buy a secondhand piano.

Antique Violins

Find your antique violin here! Contact us for if you found your match, and we will help you with the delivery.

Piano Rental

Our piano rental quote starting less than $1 per day!!! In some cases, we offer one month piano rental trial period for FREE!!!

Sell Your Piano

We buy used Yamaha acoustic pianos; if you have one to sell, give us a call.

Why Choose Us

Professional Piano MoversExtra CareTrained DriversUnder One Roof5-Star Reviews

Professional Piano Movers

Here at Piano Land, we’re not just general movers. We specialize in piano moving in NYC and the surrounding area. We have a passion for this amazing instrument, and will always take the extra time and effort to ensure it makes it through the move unharmed. We even have a customized moving van that we had made specifically to provide the proper environment to keep your piano safe during the move.

Unlike other moving companies, we know what it takes to safely move a piano. Whether you need your piano moved to a new home several states away, or you’re just looking to move it to another room in your house, our expert piano movers can handle it all.

Taking Extra Care of Your Instrument

We know that pianos are delicate instruments that require special care and attention. Our professional piano movers make sure that your piano is properly wrapped and secured to avoid any possible damage.

We also offer dust-free and climate controlled piano storages. Each piano is singly stores, and storage is well proteced, so you can be sure your instrument is safe with us.

Trained Drivers

To many our clients, this comes as a pleasant surprise, but we do train and discuss the safest drivng options with out drivers.

We also offer dust-free and climate controlled piano storages. Each piano is singly stored, and storage is well protected, so you can be sure your instrument is safe with us.

All Under One Roof

We built our business with care and love, concentrating in providing only top-notch services to our clients.

We made sure that all piano owners will have all their needs covered in one place. That is why Piano Land is offering one-stop services like piano moving, tuning, rental and storage. We got you covered.

5-Star Reviews

Our reputation is important to us, that is why we take extra pride in every job we do. We have successfully moved thousands of pianos across NYC and built an impressive clientele.

Keep scrolling down and read our 5-star reviews from our dear clients. If you are ready do not forget to leave yours.

Our Reviews

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • piano-in-hall
      Each piano move is unique and will have a custom price associated with it. Depending on where you’re moving the piano from (is it on the ground floor, or an upper level, etc), where you’re moving it to, and what type of piano it is, we can give you a custom quote that is often far cheaper than most people expect. Call us at 1-866-PIANO-90 to get a quote today.
      This is easily the most common question. People wonder why they should pay us to move their piano, when they are already hiring general movers, or renting a moving truck and having friends help them move. Pianos, however, aren’t like other items in your home. Even a small mistake can cause significant damage to the piano, which can cost a lot to fix, or may even be irreparable. Things that most people assume will be fine, can cause problems, such as tilting the piano incorrectly, securing the piano improperly, covering the piano with the wrong items, and many others. Hiring professional piano movers is important because we have the equipment and experience needed to ensure your piano arrives safely.
      We have a number of different types of moving equipment to help keep your piano safe. Our piano moving cart allows us to provide direct support of the piano legs, without causing unnecessary stress. When necessary, we can use lifting straps and tools to hoist the piano down from upper levels. This equipment is used for pianos in order to distribute the load properly. We also have a custom moving truck that allows us to properly secure pianos while we’re on the road so they don’t get scratched or damaged.
      The most important thing you can do to prepare for the move is to make sure all personal items are taken off the piano. In addition, knowing where the piano will be placed in your new home is important, so we can plan the best way to get it into the home. Finally, having any items that might be in the way of our path moved is very helpful. If needed, however, we can take care of that as well. If you’re planning on having us tune your piano when it is in its new location, make sure to let us know when scheduling your move as well, so we can make sure to have all the equipment we need to get your piano sounding perfect.
      Our quote is based on the following factors for both pickup and drop-off locations.
      • Type of piano we moving
      • Distance
      • Elevator availability
      • Number of floors
      • Types of stairs
      To receive a personalized quote, click on the "Get a Quote" button.
      No. We believe that professional piano moving services require a special set of skills, experience, and devotion to the details. But believe us, with our affordable prices you do not need to go through the hassle yourself. Trust us with your piano moving experience.


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