piano-moversOne of the first things people ask when they hear that we’ve built our entire business around helping people move their pianos is, “Are there really that many people who need help moving a piano?” Well, the fact is, pianos are one of the most commonly played instruments, and they are also one of the largest. In a city like New York City, there are thousands of people who enjoy playing the piano. On top of that, we serve the entire surrounding area, which adds on thousands of more potential customers.

Of course, not everyone who has a piano will need help moving it. Many people just play casually, and once their piano is in place, they don’t move it again unless they are moving to a new home. Even with this in mind, however, there is more than enough people who need help in this area to keep us busy. Of course, we also provide other services, such as piano storage, piano tuning, piano rental, and more.

Why Do You Need Professional Piano Movers?

piano movers transfer a pianoEven with so many people having pianos in the area, do they really all need to have professional movers involved when they are relocating? Well, in most cases people could technically get a group of guys together to move their piano. Unfortunately, more often than not when this happens, something goes wrong. Pianos are precision instruments, so at a minimum the piano will go out of tune. When you have our professional piano movers help with the relocation, we can tune it up after the move is complete, to ensure it sounds its best.

Even with professional moving companies, however, the piano isn’t safe if it is not being moved by a piano expert. This is because pianos require special care and attention. If they aren’t secured properly, for example, the turns and bumps of a moving van can cause significant damage to the legs of the piano. Having items bump into or fall on a piano can scratch or dent the beautiful finish, which can be expensive, or even impossible, to repair.

What Makes Piano Land Different

Here at Piano Land, we’re not just general movers. We specialize in piano moving in NYC and the surrounding area. We have a passion for this amazing instrument, and will always take the extra time and effort to ensure it makes it through the move unharmed. We even have a customized moving van that we had made specifically to provide the proper environment to keep your piano safe during the move.

Unlike other moving companies, we know what it takes to safely move a piano. Whether you need your piano moved to a new home several states away, or you’re just looking to move it to another room in your house, our expert piano movers can handle it all. Give us a call at 1-866-PIANO-90 with any questions you might have, or to schedule a piano move in NYC, or anywhere in the area, today. We’ll be happy to talk with you about all your options, and help ensure your piano move goes smoothly.