Having a piano in your home is one of those things that can bring great joy to you and your family for a lifetime. If you want to move your piano to another place in the house, or even if you are moving to a new home, it is absolutely essential that you take great care to avoid problems. Here at piano land, we have experienced piano movers in NYC who can quickly and safely relocate your piano to help avoid problems. Unfortunately, many people attempt to move pianos on their own, or they just have a general moving company attempt to handle the work. While this may make sense at first, you will likely learn that it will actually cause far more problems than you might expect. Read through the top five reasons why hiring professional piano movers in New York is well worth it.

Reason #1 – Keeping Your Piano Safe

Pianos are unlike any other item that you may have moved in that there are hundreds of moving parts that need to be kept in the proper position to avoid issues. In addition, small bumps or cracks can throw off the tune of the piano, which can be difficult or costly to fix. Even the best moving companies are not equipped to handle this type of move. Our piano movers are trained specifically to keep the piano safe, and all the equipment we have is there to help accomplish that goal.

professional movers

Reason #2 – Keeping You Safe

Pianos are very heavy, which can make them hard to move. In addition, pianos are an awkward shape for lifting and moving, which will put any movers at risk if they don’t know what they are doing. Since we are focused only on this type of relocation, we have everything needed to keep us protected.

safe piano removal

Reason #3 – Cost Savings

This is one that most people don’t think about at first. Due to the size, shape and fragility of a piano, a general moving company is likely going to have to make a special trip to relocate it. It will also take them significantly longer to complete the move since they aren’t likely used to handling this type of thing. In most cases, our customers can actually save money by having us handle the piano moving, so their main moving company can get everything else completed.

cost effective

Reason #4 – Stay in Tune

There are times when moving a piano is going to cause it to get out of tune no matter who does the moving. Our movers, however, can minimize this problem as much as possible. In addition, we can have your piano professionally tuned when it is done being moved so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Tuning a piano

Reason #5 – Worry Free

Having your piano moved can be quite a stressful experience. For many piano owners, this instrument is an important part of their home and it can cause worry when it is being moved. Working with the best piano movers in NYC will help give you the confidence that is needed to relax and get the move finished.

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Now that you understand how important it is to move your piano with professional movers
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