If you need to have a piano moved, contact Pianoland to discuss the specifics of what you need done. We’ve been the piano relocation specialists in Stamford, and the surrounding area since the year 2000, and we will be happy to put that experience to work for you. Each of our piano movers in Stamford has been trained, and has the experience need to safely move any type of piano from one place to another. We have clients who have us move a piano within the same home, or those that want us to transport the piano across town. Whatever you’re looking for, if it has to do with pianos, we can help. In addition to having the best piano movers in Stamford, we also offer a variety of other piano-related services to our customers. Piano tuning is one of the most popular things we do, especially when people are having their instrument moved. We also provide secure piano-storage services to keep your piano safe until you’re ready to have it put back in your home.

Piano Movers Stamford | Thousands of Happy Clients

Since we began helping people move their pianos in 2000, we have helped thousands of different people. Many of our clients have used us repeatedly to move expensive performance pianos from venue to venue, and others just use us once when they are moving. No matter what type of move you have, or how often you’ll need our services, we want you to choose us for all your piano moving needs. Our piano movers in Stamford will put in the time and effort needed to ensure your piano is moved correctly, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. With so many satisfied clients over the years, it is easy to see that we are the best piano movers in Stamford. We don’t let this go to our head though. We always treat every client’s piano as if it were our own. We take every precautionary step to keep your piano safe and secure throughout the move. In addition, all of our movers are licensed and insured so if something does go wrong, there won’t be any problem with getting it fixed. Of course, virtually all problems are avoided by our experienced movers so you have nothing to worry about.

Piano Movers Stamford | The Choice of Professionals

Many of our clients are professional pianists who make a living playing the piano. They know that they need to keep their instrument safe, or they won’t be able to make money. In addition, they trust us to get their piano picked up, transported, and delivered safely for performances. We’ve built up levels of trust with these professional pianists for years, and we will give you the same level of service. Whether you are looking to have your piano moved to your new house, or you just purchased a piano from someone else, and you need it delivered, we can handle it

Please contact us at any time, including last-minute calls as well as weekends, at
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