So you are ready to move your piano, great! Before you reach for the phone to call a regular mover there are a few things to consider, such as hiring a professional piano mover. When you are preparing to move a piano you should look into piano movers companies/local piano movers.

There are many reasons to choose a piano mover vs a regular moving company. Piano movers are specially trained to deal with the logistics of moving this delicate, and expensive musical instrument. They are equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to get the job done properly.

Within the professional piano moving industry, the following 5 reasons must be considered:

1. Specialized care

Not only is a piano expensive but it requires special care, especially when navigating it in elevators, hallways and around corners. A professional piano mover will have the needed knowledge for this specialized care.

2. Equipment

With professional movers, comes professional equipment. You can’t just cover a piano in bubble wrap and hope for the best. In terms of equipment skids which are also known as piano boards are frequently used.

our team moving piano to a house - piano movers near me

These skids were specifically designed for transporting pianos. Combined with the use of these skids are professional moving blankets and the use of dollys.

3. Size Knowledge

Pianos are large in size, heavy in weight and awkward in shape. Thankfully, a professional piano mover is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to these 3 size facts. You can be assured that consulting a professional piano mover rather than a regular mover that your piano is in good hands.

4. Price

This refers to the price of your treasured musical instrument and the piano movers cost.

nyc piano movers - pianoland moving a piano to a house

Although it may cost more to hire a professional piano moving company it is worth it to minimize damages to the piano and get the knowledge and professional equipment that comes with hiring a professional.

5. Save yourself time, stress and money

Avoid the DIY or “cheaper” route when it comes to moving your piano. Trusting someone who is not specially trained nor experienced to move your piano whether it be from one room to another or from one city to another can cost you money in damages, and waste your time. A simple Youtube tutorial cannot compare to the years of experience that a professional piano moving company will enviably have. Put your piano into the hands of professionals to play the sweet melody of no-stress.

piano land team getting piano up the ramp into the house

Now that you have 5 reasons to go the professional route it is time to choose the company to move your piano. It is best to go with the company which has the most experience in moving pianos, and not just for the first search result in your area. Do the research and read customer reviews carefully. Putting in the extra work will assure that you choose the best piano moving company for your area and needs.

Happy moving!