need help moving a piano?Here at Pianoland we work with people all the time who need help moving their piano. While the majority of our customers enjoy a stress free experience, there are times when our movers are able to provide a solution to a much more complex situation. The following story is an excellent example of why we highly recommend calling us when you need piano movers in the Bronx, rather than trying to have general movers relocate your piano.

General Movers Attempting to Relocate a Piano

One of our clients was planning a move several years back. At the time, he didn’t realize that it was important to have piano movers in the Bronx who specialized in moving pianos. He hired some general movers to pack up, and relocate all his belongings to his new home several miles away. While these movers were top notch, and very professional, they didn’t have the needed experience to move the large, delicate piano.

According to the customer, they had done an excellent job moving his other belongings, but when they got to the piano, they seemed stumped. The movers were having trouble figuring out how to get the larger piano out of the home. They spent some time discussing it, before suggesting that they remove the large windows in the living room, and lift the piano up, and through this opening. While they were on the right track with this, they didn’t have the right equipment to handle this type of thing.

The owner showed them how to remove the windows, but then quickly stopped them when these two gentlemen began trying to lift the piano to go through the window. One was outside the home, reaching through the window, and the other was inside, ready to lift and guide it through. He was hesitant to question the movers, but he knew that this could result in some serious damage to his piano, which cost thousands of dollars, not to mention any damage to his house that he would have to repair. He called his brother, who was the one who arranged to have the piano brought into this home several years ago.

Pianoland Movers to the Rescue

helping you move your pianoHis brother told him that he had purchased the piano through us, and that we delivered it and set it up quickly and easily, so he gave us a call. Fortunately, our piano movers in the Bronx were available later that day, so we told them to leave the piano in place, and we’d be out as quickly as possible. When we arrived, we used our custom piano moving equipment to carefully move the piano through the window, without causing any damage.

Our equipment not only helped us lift the piano, but also provides support to the right areas, to ensure it is not damaged. Once removed and loaded on to our custom piano moving truck, we were ready to go. The customers were happy, and even the other movers were glad we were able to help. Today, we have several general movers who recommend our services when they are hired to move a house with a piano. If you’ve got a move coming up, and you own a piano, make sure you give us a call at 1-866-PIANO-90. We’ll be more than happy to schedule our professional piano movers in the Bronx to come out and help you every step of the way.