Anyone who is planning on moving their piano in the Bronx will want to make sure they have an experienced mover who can work for them. Having access to experienced piano movers in the Bronx is so important because unlike most other things people own, a piano needs to have special care at every step of the move. When removing a piano from a home, for example, it is important to keep it level and prevent it from getting damaged while going through doorways or other openings. Once the piano is out of the house, however, the real challenge is just beginning. Our piano movers in the Bronx will then need to carefully place the piano into the custom moving truck and secure it in place. Transporting a piano is difficult because of the fact that it has to be kept secure so there won’t be any problems with it bumping into walls or the legs getting broken during the trip. When the piano has finally arrived at the new house, setting it up in its permanent location is another big challenge. Most movers are unable to safely move a piano, but the experienced professionals with Pianoland will help ensure your piano arrives in your new home without any problems.

Piano Movers Bronx | Having Your Piano Tuned

In addition to just relocating your instrument, our piano movers in the Bronx can also perform a professional tuning for you. This will ensure that the piano sounds just the way it should after you’ve moved into your new home. Of course, we can also have a professional tuner come out to tune up your piano even if you’re not moving. It is extremely important to have a properly tuned piano so that all the music you play will sound just as beautiful as it is supposed to. Remember, when a piano is moved it can often get out of tune because of all the bumps and other movements which occur during the trip. This is typically unavoidable, but the important thing is that a professional is there to re-tune the piano when it arrives in its new home so there aren’t any long-term problems with the way the piano looks or sounds when it is being played.

Piano Movers Bronx | Other Services

While our piano movers in the Bronx primarily work on helping people relocate their pianos from one home to another, we can also do much more than that. Many people, for example, have us transport their piano from a studio to a performance hall for a concert. We can help to ensure the piano is picked up and safely delivered to the performance area on time for the show. If you would rather not move your own piano for each performance, we also offer piano rental for our customers. You can have our piano movers in the Bronx bring a piano to your home or other event whenever it is needed. The rental can be for as long or as short a time as you require. Whatever types of services you’re looking at getting, if it is related to a piano, we are able to help you. Our professional piano movers in the Bronx are passionate about pianos and want to help you every step of the way. When you’re ready for any of our services, please call 1-866-PIANO-90 to speak with one of our piano professionals.