Piano lovers are often passionate about their instrument. Whether it is a high-end piano or and older model that they love to play, it is essential to keep it safe while moving. This means hiring professional piano movers in Hackensack to ensure everything goes smoothly. The experts at Pianoland have been helping the people of NJ move pianos for over ten years, and we’re ready to help you as well. Moving pianos is far more complex than most general movers believe because they need to be kept level, avoid any dents, and they are often a very awkward shape which makes them difficult to move. Our piano movers in Hackensack have the experience necessary to ensure the piano is safe throughout the move. Whether it is currently located on an upper floor and needs to be carefully lifted down or it needs to fit through a narrow passage, we know just what to do. When we move pianos we take great care to ensure there isn’t any damage done to the instrument. Both the outside of the piano and all the inside pieces will all be in the same condition when they arrive in your new home as they were before the move.

Piano Movers Hackensack | Moving All Types of Pianos

Whether you have a small piano or a full grand piano, we can help you get it moved safely. Each size and type of piano will have a special set of requirements to ensure it is not damaged, and we have the experience to deal with them all. We’ve moved thousands of pianos in the NJ area so we’ve seen every type of piano you can imagine. In addition, all of our piano movers in Hackensack are also lovers of this beautiful instrument so we will be sure to take care of it as if it were our own. While pianos may be some of the largest instruments in the world, they can also be quite delicate. They are often made of extremely high quality wood which can get chipped and scratched while being moved. Every piano also has hundreds of different parts from the keys to the cords which need to be cared for properly. It is simply impossible for a general moving company to have the experience necessary to safely move a piano in New Jersey.

Piano Movers Hackensack | Custom Moving Equipment

In addition to our experienced and passionate piano movers in Hackensack, our equipment also sets us apart from the competition. We have specialized lifting equipment and even a custom moving truck to ensure your piano is not damaged during the move. Our custom equipment will provide the necessary support to the piano while keeping it away from any damaging corners or walls which could scratch the surface. We even take the time to cover the piano in a protective cover for the move to ensure there aren’t any problem at all. If you’re going to be moving soon, or you’re just thinking about it, call Pianoland to have any questions you might have about hiring piano movers in Hackensack answered. We’ll be happy to schedule a move, or just discuss it with you when you call 718-376-2415 today!