Moving a piano in NJ can be quite complex, and requires professionals who know what they are doing and have the right equipment. Our piano movers in Hoboken have everything necessary to move any type of piano from any location safely for you. Pianoland has been helping people move their pianos for over ten years, and this experience will help to ensure everything about your move goes smoothly. Whether you’re piano is located on the first floor near a large open door, or on an upper level, we can get it moved without any trouble. The professional piano movers in Hoboken will arrive with all the equipment needed to ensure your piano is able to be moved safely. This includes lifting straps required to move a piano out a window and lower it to the ground, or a piano moving cart to transport it to the moving truck. Even our moving truck is specially situated to protect your piano during the move. We’ll load it into the center of the truck and then cover it with protective blankets. It will then be strapped down to keep the legs safe, and prevent it from bumping into the sides of the truck.

Piano Movers Hoboken | Expert Tuning Services

When moving a piano it will often get out of tune, which is why our piano movers in Hoboken are able to tune it back up when it arrives at its destination. We also offer professional tuning services to our customers whether they are moving or not. Tuning a piano is extremely important for all players. New players just starting out will want to be practicing on a piano that is properly tuned so they are training their ear properly while learning the keys. Professional players will, of course, want their piano to be properly tuned as well so when they play for others it will sound perfect. Our piano movers in Hoboken have all the tuning equipment they need right with them when they come out to your home or studio. They can properly tune any type of piano so that it has perfect pitch no matter what type of music you’re playing. So, whether you’re planning a move and you want to ensure your piano is tuned when it arrives in your new house, or your piano just needs to be tuned up, the experts from Pianoland will be happy to help.

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Moving your piano is an important event, and it needs to be done by experienced professionals. Don’t trust the wellbeing of your valuable instrument to just anyone, contact us to schedule professional piano movers in Hoboken to come out to help you today. We’ll ensure your piano is properly taken care of throughout the move, and when it arrives we’ll make sure it is tuned up and ready to play. Call one of our piano experts at 718-376-2415 to have any questions you might have answered, or to schedule a piano mover in Hoboken to come out to relocate your piano. Remember, we also offer tuning, piano rental and piano storage if you need these services.