When you need your piano relocated by professionals, make sure to call Pianoland at 718-376-2415. Our piano experts will schedule an appointment to have our professional piano movers in Long Island come out and move your piano wherever it needs to go. We can help you whether you’re looking to have your piano moved across the state or just to a different area of your home. Moving pianos is a complicated task, which must be done carefully in order to ensure it isn’t damaged. Each of our piano movers in Long Island will treat your piano just like it was his own, and make sure that it is settled into its new location without any problems at all. If you’re thinking about moving your piano on your own, just keep in mind that even a small scratch or bump can cause significant damage. It may even cause irreparable damage resulting in either an unsightly mark on the piano, or even one that doesn’t sound the way it should anymore. It is not worth the risk to try to move the piano on your own, so make sure to call us to have professional movers assist you every step of the way.

Piano Movers Long Island | Safety First

In addition to keeping the piano safe while being moved, our piano movers in Long Island will also ensure that you don’t get hurt while attempting to move the piano yourself. Even if you have several people helping you move the piano, it is still quite easy to get seriously injured while relocating it. Pianos are typically very large and heavy, and many of them are awkwardly shaped which makes them difficult to safely move. Whether it is a small injury like a pinched finger, or something more serious, our piano movers can help ensure you don’t have to go through this type of pain. One of the other things to keep in mind about moving a piano is that they often won’t fit through a normal door. In many cases they need to be hoisted out of a large window or another opening to ensure it fits smoothly outside. This is, of course, very difficult and typically requires specialized tools and equipment. These are things that our piano movers in Long Island will always bring with them to every job so you don’t have to worry about this type of thing.

Piano Movers Long Island | Moving Vehicles

People who attempt to move pianos on their own often rent a traditional moving truck to relocate the piano. While this is better than using a regular pick-up truck, it really isn’t ideal. The piano movers in Long Island from Piano land will arrive in a custom moving truck which was configured specifically for pianos. We’ll secure the piano in place with moving straps, and keep it safe using straps and safety blankets. This will help to ensure there aren’t any problems while driving, and your piano arrives in perfect condition. This is something you can’t get when moving on your own, or even when you hire other movers to take on this job. Make sure you’re working with Pianoland when you want your piano safely moved.

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