Moving to a new home can be an exciting time in anyone’s life, but it is important to make sure all your belongings are safely relocated to ensure there aren’t any problems. Movers can typically move most things in your home without any trouble, but when it comes to moving a piano, it is important to hire specialists who can ensure it will be safely moved. Unlike moving other items, pianos need some special care and attention given to them. Piano movers in Staten Island from Pianoland have the custom trucks and equipment needed to ensure the safety of your musical instrument. Even the smallest pianos are quite large, which makes them difficult to safely move. It is more than their size, however, that can be so tricky. When moving a piano it is essential to keep the legs securely supported to avoid damage. The entire body of the piano needs to be kept safe from scratches and dents, and minimizing any excess tilting will help keep the piano in tune throughout the trip.

Piano Movers Staten Island | Importance of a Custom Moving Truck

Even if you’re hiring professional movers to help with all your other household items, it is critical to have experienced piano movers in Staten Island there to help with the piano. This is largely due to the fact that when you hire Pianoland professional movers you won’t just be getting experienced movers, you’ll also be getting the custom moving truck. We don’t move anything except pianos, which is why we have this specially designed vehicle. Our moving truck allows the piano to be securely placed in the middle of the truck to ensure it won’t get scratched against the wall. It also has special supports and straps to keep it from moving around during the trip. Any padding or moving blankets necessary will be placed on and around your piano to keep it as safe as possible during the move. Finally, our movers will exercise extreme caution while transporting your piano to its new location. From the moment our movers arrive, we will do everything possible to ensure your piano arrives in your new home safely and ready to enjoy.

Piano Movers Staten Island | Tuning & Inspection

Once the piano has been safely moved into your new home, our piano movers in Staten Island will take the time to professionally tune it to ensure it sounds perfect. This is just one more service we are able to provide that traditional moving companies simply can’t. Any time a piano is relocated there is a chance that it will get out of tune, which is why we offer this important service. Having the confidence that you can sit down in your new home and enjoy the perfectly tuned sounds of your piano will make it worth every dime. When you’re ready to move your piano, make sure to call Pianoland to schedule a professional mover to come and help you every step of the way. We’ll help ensure your move is a success and your piano looks and sounds just as good, or even better, than it did before the move. Call today at 1-866-PIANO-90 to speak with one of our piano professionals.