Moving can be an exciting, yet stressful experience. There is a seemingly endless number of things you have to get done, and rarely enough time to get through them all. One important thing to put near the top of your to-do list is getting the piano moved. Attempting to move it yourself, or even hiring a general moving company to handle the piano is a mistake. This is how many pianos are damaged or even permanently broken when the owners are relocating to another area. For the best piano movers in Westchester, call Pianoland. We have been helping people throughout the Westchester area transport their piano from one place to another, using the greatest of care. Piano movers in Westchester specialize in moving these large and often delicate instruments. We have a specialized truck which will keep your piano secure, so the legs and wood frame of the piano don’t get scratched or otherwise damaged while moving. In addition, our experienced movers know exactly how to carry a piano through any area to ensure it gets to the new location safely. With the tools, equipment and experience needed, we can help keep your piano safe.

Piano Movers Westchester | Taking Every Precaution to Protect your Piano

While general movers are great at what they do, their main focus will be fitting all your belongings into their truck, and moving everything to your new home quickly. This is perfect for the vast majority of your items, but a piano is different. You don’t want to have boxes and other items stacked on, under or around the piano, because they could cause damage. When you work with Pianoland, you’ll get the best piano movers in Westchester who know exactly how to load your piano properly to avoid any problems. Our customized moving truck allows us to secure any type of piano into the truck, where it can be strapped down in a way which will prevent any damage. It will also be covered with protective blankets, and kept in the middle of the truck so there is no risk of the piano getting scratched against the sides. In addition, the legs of the piano will be protected so any bumps in the road don’t put them at risk. From beginning to end, our piano movers in Westchester will do everything possible to keep your piano safe.

Piano Movers Westchester | Contact Us for a Free Consultation

If you’re planning a move, and you’d like to hear more about our piano movers in Westchester, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can be reached at 718-376-2415, or stop in to our store at 2527 65th Street, Brooklyn NY 11204. We’ll be happy to discuss the specifics of your move, and set up a date and time when we can come out to move your piano. Our piano experts can explain the moving process, answer any questions and provide a free estimate for your move. When your piano is safely placed in your new home, you’ll be glad you hired the best piano movers in Westchester.