There are many different reasons why people need to hire piano movers in White Plains. The most common reason is that the owners are moving to a new home, and want their piano to come with them. If someone bought a used piano from someone in the area, that is another great reason to hire movers. Even just needing a piano transported from a studio to a performance hall is fairly common. Whatever the reason for moving the piano, however, it is always important to have it moved by someone who loves this beautiful instrument as much as you do. Pianoland has been offering the best piano movers in White Plains for many years, and as a company we are made up of people who love the piano. Most of our movers play themselves, are trained on how to tune the piano, and know how to keep them save while moving them. Whether you have a full upright piano, a baby grand, or any other type, we can help ensure it gets from one place to another as safely as possible.

Piano Movers White Plains | Tools, Experience & Equipment

When it comes to moving a piano, it is essential to have the right tools, experience and equipment to get the job done right. Our movers will arrive on time, and have everything they need with them to get the job done safely. Whether your piano is on the first floor and can be moved directly out a door, or it is on an upper floor and needs to be safely hoisted down, we can handle any type of move. All of our equipment is used specifically for moving pianos, so you can be confident that they won’t damage your instrument in any way. Even the truck we use to transport your piano from one location to the other is customized for this type of moving. The truck is set up to allow the piano to be secured in the center so there won’t be any risk of it scraping against the side when it is moving, turning or hitting bumps. Our piano movers in White Plains will take the time to secure it properly so it won’t be able to slide around, and since we’re only moving pianos, there is no need to worry about boxes or other items which could fall to damage the piano.

Piano Movers White Plains | Moving Your Piano is Just the Start

While we specialize in having the best piano movers in White Plains, we can also offer a variety of other great services which may be needed. We offer piano storage in our high-quality, secured and climate controlled facility. We’ll take great care to keep your piano safe until you’re ready to use it again. We can also tune your piano professionally to ensure it sounds absolutely perfect every time you press a key. Piano rental is also available for those who want to give this beautiful instrument a try before they make a purchase. Whatever you need concerning pianos, Pianoland is here to help.