The piano is one of the most loved instrument. While you can’t take it with you everywhere you go, it is still one of the most popular instruments out there. One of the biggest problems piano owners have, however, is that they can’t just pack it up and place it in the closet when they are done. While pianos do make beautiful additions to any room of the house, it is sometimes necessary to have them out of the way. When this is the case, you’ll want to get the best piano storage in Greenwich, NY. Pianoland has been offering high quality piano storage services throughout Washington County for years, so if you need your piano stored, call us today.

We know how to keep pianos safe from the time we pick it up in our custom moving truck, until it is placed securely in our facility. You won’t have to worry about your piano when it is in our hands, because we are the leaders in piano storage in Greenwich, NY. Our entire business is built around pianos, and we work hard to make sure we know everything we can about this instrument we love so much.

Piano Storage Greenwich NY | Top Quality Storage Facility

When most people think about a storage facility they think about the outdoor storage lockers which people often use. Our facility, however, is quite a bit different than that. We customized the facility for piano storage in Greenwich, NY. The entire building is climate controlled so that humidity and temperature changes won’t cause a problem with your piano. We also have the entire facility professionally cleaned on a regular basis to help keep it dust and dirt free.

When we bring pianos in and out of the facility, they are placed in safe areas where they are not at risk of getting bumped or scratched during the move. Each of our piano movers is specially trained to know how to properly move pianos around so that there isn’t any risk of having them damaged while in our facility. We also fully insure the facility so if there is some sort of disaster, which is extremely unlikely, you won’t have to worry about how you’ll get a new piano. Rest assured, however, that we do everything in our power to keep your piano, and the entire facility, as safe as possible.

Piano Storage Greenwich NY | Washington County’s Finest

If you need to have your piano stored in Washington County, make sure you contact us. Here at Pianoland we work hard to meet or exceed the expectations of every one of our customers. Whether you are buying a new piano, having your piano tuned, or using our top quality piano storage in Greenwich, NY, we will do our best to keep you happy. If you would like to get more information, or schedule an appointment with one of our piano experts, please call us at 1-718-376-2415. We’ll be happy to talk with you about your piano, or set up a time for us to pick up your piano and deliver it to our facility for piano storage in Greenwich, NY.