If you own a piano, you may eventually need to take it out of the house for a time. This could be while you remodel, when you move, or even when there is a new baby in the house who may start chewing on the piano legs. Whatever your reason, it is essential to know where to go for piano storage in Lawrence, NJ. Pianoland has been helping people with all their piano storage needs for quite some time, and we are ready to help you as well.

We have a dedicated facility where we store pianos in a climate controlled environment. We take every precaution to keep your piano safe while it is in our care, and we can store it for as long as you need. Some of our clients have us store their piano for just a few days, others for a few years. Whatever you need, we’re confident we can provide you with the best piano storage in Lawrence, NJ.

Piano Storage Lawrence NJ | Expert Piano Care

Whether you have your piano dropped off at our facility, or you have us use our custom moving truck, we’ll make sure it remains safe and secure while in our care. We are passionate about pianos, and we want to make sure yours stays in perfect condition. We keep our facility as clean as possible, to prevent any damage from occurring. We also keep the pianos away from outside facing walls so that the temperature stays at a steady level. Of course, the humidity is kept at the perfect levels for pianos as well.

We store each piano in its own location so there is no risk of it bumping into another one when they are put in or out of the facility. Our piano experts will take care to make sure your piano is well taken care of the entire time it is in our facility. We even keep the pianos away from windows so that the sun doesn’t fade or damage the piano in any way. We have taken the time to set up our storage facility in a way which will help ensure nothing happens to the pianos within. We also have the best insurance on the facility so in the event of any sort of disaster, the pianos are completely covered.

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If you need to have your piano stored for any amount of time, and for any reason, please contact us to schedule a time when we can pick the piano up. We can make an appointment around a schedule that works for you, and we’ll make sure the piano is safely moved and placed into the storage area until you are ready to have it come back to your home.

We can also answer your questions about piano storage in Lawrence, NJ, and let you know how much it will be to store your piano in our facilities. We want to make the entire process as quick and simple as possible, so call us today at 1-718-376-2415.