Owning a piano is one of the most enjoyable instruments to own. One problem with it, however, is that if you need it out of the way for a while, you can’t just pack it up and place it in a closet. Pianos are large and fragile instruments, which need to be stored in safe and secure way. If you’re looking for piano storage in New Rochelle, NY, you want to work with the best. Pianoland has been helping people keep their pianos safe and secure for years, and we are here to help you as well.

We have a dedicated piano storage facility, located in Brooklyn, NY, which is specially kept to ensure all the pianos are safe and secure. We can pick up your piano in our customized piano moving truck, and transport it to our storage facility quickly and easily. Whether you want the piano to be stored for a few days, a few months or even a few years, we can make sure it is in perfect condition when you are ready for it back. When it comes to piano storage in New Rochelle, NY, you simply can’t find a better option.

Piano Storage New Rochelle NY | Affordable Storage Options

Our piano storage services start at just $60 per month, depending on the size and type of piano you have. This is a great way to keep your piano protected without spending too much money. Pianos are major investments which many individuals and families love, and when storing it is so affordable, it makes sense to take that extra step to keep it safe while it is not in use.

There are many reasons why people need piano storage in New Rochelle, NY. Some people want their piano stored safely while they are remodeling their home. The dust and other items in the home during this time could cause problems with the piano, so having it stored for a month or so is the perfect option. Other people want it stored while they are moving, so they don’t have to worry about it getting damaged during this process. Still others have concert pianos that they need stored professionally in between shows. Whatever your reason for needing to store a piano, we are there for you to help every step of the way.

Piano Storage New Rochelle NY | Custom Storage Solutions

Even though our piano storage in New Rochelle, NY is very affordable, it is still the top of the line storage option in the area. Our facility is dust-free and climate controlled so you can be sure your piano won’t be exposed to any damaging items. Each piano is singly stored to ensure nothing bumps into it or causes it to get damaged in any way. The pianos are also in an area without windows or direct heat sources to protect them from light or heat damage.

If you’re interested in piano storage in New Rochelle, NY, contact us today. We can be reached at 1-866-PIANO-90. We can answer any questions you might have about storing a piano, or schedule a time to have your piano picked up and moved into our custom storage facility.