Piano storage in Scarsdale, NY is one of those things most people don’t give a second thought to, until they need to have their piano stored for a time. Many people in Westchester County make the mistake of just bringing their piano to a normal storage locker facility. While this might sound like a good idea at first, it can actually result in some significant damage to the piano. The first problem is that many people use a regular truck to try to move the piano. This can put unhealthy stress on the legs of the piano when it is moving, and if it scrapes against the side of the truck, it can cause a lot of damage.

Once the piano is in the storage locker, the damage may get even worse. Many of these storage facilities are not climate controlled, which can end up causing a lot of damage. When the temperature raises and drops, it can cause the wood in the piano to warp or even crack. The cords and other materials in the piano can also get damaged due to temperature changes. Without climate control, the humidity will also cause some major problems to any type of piano.

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If you use our piano storage in Scarsdale, NY, however, you’ll get a climate controlled facility, in addition to many other great benefits. Our facility uses exceptional air filters to keep the area dust free. We also store the pianos in a secure area so there is little risk of theft or vandalism. Of course, the facility is completely insured as well so you are at no financial risk no matter what. We also take care to position the pianos in a way which will keep them safe the entire time they are in storage.

We keep pianos away from outside walls, which helps ensure there is no temperature fluctuation. We have the facility professionally cleaned on a regular basis to prevent any damage, and we never place pianos right next to each other where they could get scratched or damaged in other ways. We treat each piano in our storage facility as if it were our own. When you use our piano storage in Scarsdale, NY, you can rest confidently knowing that your piano is in good hands.

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We offer the best piano storage in Westchester County, so if you need to have your piano stored away for a while, contact us here at Pianoland. We can be reached at 1-718-376-2415, and would be happy to set up a time for your piano to be delivered to our storage facility. If you want to have your piano professionally moved to our facility, we can offer that service as well. If you have any questions at all about the services we offer, please give us a call. We take pride in being the best piano storage in Scarsdale, NY and would love to prove it to you. Contact us today for all your piano needs.