Having a piano put into storage can be a very stressful and difficult event, if you don’t know who to call. Many people try to do it all themselves, by loading the piano into a moving truck, and bringing it to a storage locker. While this may seem like a good idea, it will actually result in your piano being at great risk. Most moving trucks are not designed to transport a piano. They don’t provide the necessary support to the legs, and it is difficult to prevent the piano from sliding around, which can cause a lot of damage.

In the storage facility, the piano is at risk of temperature and humidity fluctuations which can damage the wood and other parts of the piano. Most facilities are not cleaned on a regular basis, so the dust, dirt and other items will build up on the piano over time. Insects and other animals can also find their way into many facilities, which puts any piano at some pretty significant risks. Instead of trying to handle it all on your own, contact us for expert piano storage in White Plains, NY.

Piano Storage White Plains NY | Dedicated Piano Storage

Rather than putting your piano at risk by placing it in a general storage locker, you can have your piano placed securely in our dedicated piano storage facility. We offer the best piano storage in White Plains, NY, and we do it at a very affordable price. Our piano storage services starts at $60 per month, depending on the type of piano you have. We can store your piano for any length of time, and we’ll always make sure it remains in great condition the entire time it is in our care.

Our facility is climate controlled so there is no need to worry about the humidity or temperature affecting your piano. We also keep our facility clean and dust free. The facility is professionally cleaned on a regular basis to prevent any dirt or other items from making their way in. This regular cleaning also keeps the bugs, rodents and other animals away from the facility, and away from your piano. We work very hard to provide the best piano storage in White Plains, NY.

Piano Storage White Plains NY | Keeping Your Piano Safe

In addition to simply providing the best piano storage in White Plains, NY, we can also pick it up and bring it to the facility. We have a customized moving truck which was created specifically to safely move pianos from one place to another. Moving a piano takes great care, and our experience will help keep your piano safe the entire trip. We can pick the piano up, store it safely for as long as you need, and then drop it back off when you’re ready.

If you have any questions about piano storage in White Plains, NY, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-718-376-2415 to speak with one of our piano experts. We can answer any questions you have, and schedule a time to have your piano picked up or delivered to our piano storage facility.