Let Us Buy Your Piano

Are you looking to sell your piano? If you’re located in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Massachusetts area, Pianoland is here to help! Tired of your Steinway or your acoustic Yamaha piano sitting around collecting dust?

But you’re unsure of how or where to get rid of such a thing? Let Pianoland be your solution and buy it from you! We are fully insured professionals to move pianos so you can trust we will handle your piano and home with respect and care.

Everybody knows pianos are big, bulky, and heavy. And as much enjoyment and pleasure, it has brought to your home over the years, there comes a time to part ways. This however tends to be a more difficult process because of the nature of its size and weight.

A piano simply can’t be thrown out into the garage because of its pronounced stature. Instead of attempting to throw it away somehow, or spending weeks or months trying to find someone to take it, simply contact the piano experts at Pianoland.

We will inform each individual how much we are willing to offer to buy their piano from them so they know how much money they will get before our team arrives on the scene. The price is based on the piano itself.

Once agreed upon, we buy it from you and pick it up right from your home. We do not require you to leave the piano at the door or on the curb, our professional team is ready to do all the moving if so necessary. Don’t break your back or the bank, call Pianoland today!

Making it Easy for You!

We understand the difficulties that homeowners face when they no longer want a piano and they feel as if they are stuck with it. Notably an acoustic piano, these stringed keyboards are awfully heavy and not designed to move from place to place.

Pianoland takes that burden from you! The services we offer help to make selling your used piano easy and straightforward. Request a free, no-obligation quote to get a price on the cost of your piano and once both parties have finalized a deal, you can officially sell your piano to us.

Is my Piano even Sellable?

Most piano owners question whether their instruments can even be sold. Here are a few points to consider that will help determine the answer:

  • Appearance – What is the overall condition of your piano? Some scratches are not particularly deal breakers but can certainly impact the resale value. Only if it is seriously damaged, it may be a difficult piano to sell.
  • Brand – We only buy Yamazaki and Steinway branded pianos. These popular and admired brands draw more interest and retain more inherent value. 
  • Age – Pianos do not get better over time. The older your piano is, this often results in natural wear and tear. Therefore, the age of your piano is something else you have to consider, especially in terms of resale value.

Getting you a Fair Price

The best piano professionals in the business are located right here in New York City, but offer services across New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts state lines as well! The piano has extensive knowledge about what makes a piano valuable and when you want to know why your piano is worth what it is, you’ll want to go with our pros.

The search for where to sell a piano ends here! We are available to call any time, including last-minute calls as well as on weekends, at 1 718-376-2415 and toll-free 1-866-PIANO-90. Feel free to email us at pianony@gmail.com and don’t hesitate to contact us for all things piano related!