We have incorporated our Company Pianoland in the year 2000 and started providing piano tuning services in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island. Tuning of pianos is the core of the services that we provide to our valuable clients. Our technicians have significant experience of tuning pianos of every class and category and work with a variety of very demanding and professional musicians. Some of our experts have as much as 30-40 years of exceptional experience, and, as far as you understand, have a very unique knowledge and expertise in the field of piano tuning. The very advanced piano tuning tools of our piano workshop allow us not only to tune your piano but also to help you in repairs of different types of complexity.

Furthermore, we provide services of estimating quality, value, and costs of piano, and may provide help with purchasing a new piano. As you obviously know, the piano is a very gentle instrument requiring carefulness and periodic maintenance. For the best results in enjoying your favorite piano, and based on the worldwide practices, our recommendation is to tune the piano at least two times a year. Regular Pianoland piano tuning costs $ 175 plus tax in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. While providing you with the service of Regular Tuning, our technicians will inspect your piano. If needed, he will recommend further services, will explain the value, and will also give you a total estimate of all costs involved. Needless to say that the decision of accepting this proposal is yours, and a technician will only start performing extra activities after your approval.

Regular Piano Tuning

Scope of the Regular Tuning means that the piano is under the right pitch, all keys are fully operational and not “sticky”, the piano holds the tuning and maybe tuned properly, and the mechanical part is adjusted. It is absolutely essential that the piano will be inspected and maintained by a professional technician, who will give you the best advice about the kind of service that is needed.

The decision to skip our recommendations may lead to irreversible processes, when your valuable piano may crack from the dryness, keys may get “sticky”, and your investments into repair may become much more significant than costs of the Regular Tuning, or extra service. Do not trust random people with unknown reputations to serve or tune your piano. Please note that our main objective is not to be the cheapest, but to be one of the best in the business of piano tuning, which may be confirmed by thousands of our happy clients, that used us for tuning their pianos. We hope that you have made the right choice, and will be very happy to offer you our piano tuning services.

Please contact us at any time, including last-minute calls as well as weekends, at +1 718-376-2415, toll-free 1 866-PIANO-90, or email us at pianony@gmail.com at any convenient for you time.