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Knabe piano rental


Wm. Knabe & Co. was a piano manufacturer from Baltimore, But today Wm. Knabe & Co. pianos are manufactured by Samick Musical Instruments, Ltd.  Each Knabe piano is handmade and has its own unique personality. When you play a Knabe, you will feel the difference. Contact Pianoland if you have questions about Knabe Piano moving/rental/storage and more.

Minipiano piano for rent


The prime factor that sets a Minipiano apart from other kinds of pianos is the fact that the sound producing mechanism is located under the keyboard, providing an efficient use of space. Contact Pianoland if you have questions about Minipiano moving/rental/storage and more.

Kawai KF2S piano for rent

Kawai KF2S

Kawai KF2S – Kawai grand pianos popular among teachers and institutions earned their reputation for long-term, solid performance. Contact Pianoland if you have any questions about Kawai Piano moving/rental/storage and more.

Acrosonic piano for rent


Acrosonic piano is a large and well-known piano brand, Browse pictures of our Acrosonic piano. Contact Pianoland if you have questions about moving/rental/storage and more.

Baldwin piano for rent


Baldwin Piano is an American piano brand. It is a US-based manufacturer and their slogan, “America’s Favorite Piano”. Contact Pianoland if you have questions about Baldwin Piano moving/rental/storage and more.